Massage Makes a Difference

Massage makes a difference.  It’s true.  Ask anyone who receives regular massage.  Like one of my clients today.   She works a grueling 60+ hour week.   Her lower back (lumbar region) was painful and achy,  and she was feeling tired and stressed in general.   She was pale with dark circles under her eyes when she arrived.  I addressed the tension and trigger points in her back, did some energetic grounding and mind-clearing, as well as a full-body massage.  Post massage, her face was clear and glowing.  She was smiling.  There was a lightness about her.  She said she felt “like a new woman!”, and bounded out of the studio.  That’s what I love about my work:  people ALWAYS feel better when they leave than when they arrived.

I just received an email from that client.  She said she had several compliments today on how good she looked.  She handed them my card and said it was due to a great massage!

Massage does indeed make a difference.

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