Meditation and Me

I leave home before sunrise to turn up the heat in my studio and prepare the space  for the day.

I leave home before sunrise to turn up the heat in my studio and prepare the space for the day.

I offer meditation circles to the public, for no charge, every week day at Stairway Healing Arts Center.  I just started doing this in November.  Something new.  I worried that no one would come, that I wouldn’t offer convenient times, that there was no interest in meditation.  I worried that if I wasn’t charging it wouldn’t be feasible because I’d be spending money on heat and space with no income to compensate that time.  I worried that it would interfere with my schedule with massage clients.  This is a serious concern for anyone, but especially for a single mom supporting and raising two daughters on her own.  And I didn’t want the circles to take away from family time.  Being present for and with my daughters is top priority for me, and that doesn’t lessen any now that they’re teens.  In fact in many ways it  increases.

But something in me urged me to go ahead with the meditation circles.  Create the space.  Set daily times.  Again, money and time.  And again something prodded me on.  A massage client friend made zafus (meditation cushions) for me.  A gift.  I created a schedule.  And every day I show up.  I light a candle, ring a bell, and  sit in silent meditation for one half hour. Every day single day.  It hasn’t made me rich.  It hasn’t brought me lots of new massage clients.  It hasn’t given me insights on how to end global warming or war or poverty.   It hasn’t made me beautiful or brought Tom Selleck (or his likeness) to my doorstep.  But it DOES slow my racing thoughts.  It does quiet my chattering mind.  It does settle my swirling worries and fears.  It does slow and deepen my breath and my heartbeat.  I sleep through the night, every night, which I don’t do when I’m not meditating daily.  And I know this is good for me.  I know this is good for my health.  Life can be hard and challenging and scary and lonely.  Meditation hasn’t made these things disappear, and perhaps it never will.  But meditation helps build a place inside me that fortifies and nourishes me and helps me cope with what life brings me.  And I know that’s a good thing.

Meditation is good for me and for my health.  And it’s good for you and for your health.  I’ve done the hard part for you:  I’ve created the space and time, and I’ve committed to being there every single day for all of us.  All you need to do is show up.  For your better health.

Meditation Circles:

Mondays 10:30am  Tuesdays 5:30pm   Wed, Thu, Fri 9am

Mandy Meyer-Hill, BA, LMT

Stairway Healing Arts Center
1 Washington Street
Cambridge, NY  12816


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