New Adventure

Yellowstone Falls, WY

Yellowstone Falls, WY



Today I had the joy today of giving a massage to a young woman who was heading out on a new life adventure.  One of the things I so love about my work is hearing people’s stories.  This woman is a recent college graduate.  She leaves in a few days on a road trip to Wyoming, where she’s been hired to work in Yellowstone National Park.  She’s never been there before.  (Neither have I, but it’s on my list!)  She’ll be taking her time driving out West, seeing the sights, meeting people, experiencing the country on her way.  She’s excited, of course.  And a little nervous, naturally.  An adventure.  A twenty-something woman heading out into the unknown terrain of the country and of her life.  I was thrilled to be a part of her taking-off place and I loved having the opportunity to cheer her on on this adventure.  The massage helped relieve the tension and pain in her arms, shoulders, and upper back.  It also served to ground her, soothe the nervousness, and refresh her for the excitement that lies ahead.  When we said goodbye I wished her happiness and fun and everything good on the new adventure of her life.  What a joy.

5 thoughts on “New Adventure

  1. This photo is so beautifful that it looks like a masterpiece!! I love how the trees, branches, and boulders make a circle around the waterfall! You got the right angle to bring it all together. This is one of the finest photos I have ever seen! Hope you enter it in an artist magazine. You would win!!! Thank You!

    • Oh Mary Ann thank you! You brought something very important to my attention: I neglected to give credit to where I found the photo. It IS a masterpiece, and it isn’t mine. I’ve updated the caption. You can visit their site to see more exquisite shots of the park. I’m glad you loved it as much as I do.

  2. Hi Mandy, I have been wanting to tell you how much I love your website! Every message has been inspiration to me! I loved the one where you posted on ideas for the common cold. I can sense your energy in your messages. It is like you are in my famiy room and we are having a ‘fireside chat,” on just everything, like being positive and undoing a cluttered mind. I do your exercises on the breathing technique where I breath in the positive and breate out the negative.. You bring a healing to me with your wonderful words and pictures. I thank Jon and Maria for posting your website so that I can wake up in the morning with my first cup of coffe and settle in to read your inspiring words. Well, I said to my husband, ‘Wish we lived closer to your healing website and look forward to a massage and simply just listening to your ideas on everyday life. Oh, that would be wonderful!’

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